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Director of Officiating

Director of Officiating

Who we are

A Global Basketball League furthering opportunities in sports for women, WIBA strives to be THE Premier Women’s Basketball League. Through our Sports Agency, Global Spectrum Sports™, we’ve sent many clients overseas on contract since 2015. Our Current Focus as a league is not only basketball, but to return the love we receive from our fans by giving back through various community events and activities.

The Position

This position is responsible for managing the Associations referee program, including development, evaluations and assignment.

This individual will adhere to the following:
Key Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the development programs and training, recruitment, evaluation, mentorship, assignment and oversight of the Policies and Procedures related to Associations referee program.

  • Ensures the referee program supports the Association needs, including the development, recruitment and succession plans to meet game demands and referee attrition.

  • Communicates and provides clarity on rule interpretation for all members within the Association.

  • Supervises all referees within the Association and conducts on-court instruction and supervision as necessary.

  • Communicates risk management awareness regarding referees to the Board of Directors

  • Attends Officiating meetings called by the Association, as required.

  • Ensures referees are assigned as required.

  • Evaluates supervises and monitors referee performance.

  • Works closely with and accepts requests for referees from team managers, following WIBA guidelines.

  • Working with the Treasurer/Finance Director, ensures that referees receive payment for their duties in a timely fashion.

  • Ensures proper communication with team managers in resolving conflict game rescheduling, play off, and exhibition game rescheduling.

  • Balances game assignments between qualified officials, depending on availability and development levels.

  • Ensures referees are assigned for tournaments hosted by the Association.

  • Liaises with other association officials to assist or for assistance with scheduling referees.

  • Coordinates referee clinics and any additional training.

  • Attends Director Meetings and prepares monthly Officiating reports for the Director Meetings.

Technical Skills

  • Obtain a thorough understanding of game management protocols (penalties, rules of play, etc.),


  • Previous Officiating Experience Preferred